LightSpeed combines the fun of Photo Entertainment with our special effects photos. Our photos can put the participant in the Wild West or on the surface of the moon. They are taken home to be displayed on desks and mantles for years. This combination photo and fun will be remembered for years after your special event.

Lightspeed Productions Demo Videos

Lightspeed Productions has offered Photo and Video production services across the US and internationally for 18 years. Here is a little information about us.

This book trailer was edited for COS Productions.

This book trailer was edited for COS Productions.

This video was shot for Mirenco and discusses their throttle controller for heavy diesel machinery.

This video was shot for Mirenco and discusses their evaluation program for heavy diesel machinery. This evaluation program optimizes fuel efficiency and reduces operating cost while increasing horsepower and operation.

This video shot for Magnom showcases their in-line filtration device for heavy diesel machinery through their patented core filtration.

This is one of the documentaries staff member Chris Courson made while in China working for the BBC. He worked in China for over 4 months on several documentaries, travelling throught the country. It is a PAL BETA transfer, and some image quality is lost.

End of year highlight promo video for JAMfest Events, a division of JAMbrands. This video features B-Roll of JAMfest events edited to a custom JAMfest song. A new precedent was set in the cheerleading world with this video.

This video is for the US Finals, one of the largest Cheerleading events in the world. It was shot for an informative website for Coaches. It is a chroma key (green screen) video with a vitual set. This video is a good example of how Louisville companies can reach their customers on the web.

This is part of a DVD produced as a promotional giveaway for Derby City MMA and was given away at UFC Fight Night in Louisville, KY. It is also featured on DCMMA's website. The fight footage comes courtesy of Expo 5.

This short film won awards at the 48 Hour film festival in Louisville, KY in 2009. Writtern, Directed, and edited by staff member Chris Courson in 48 hours; shows what level of creativity we work on. WARNING, there is some foul language and violence.

Lightspeed Productions shot this movie for Blue Kat Entertainment. This feature-length film won film-festival several awards across the country and can be purchased on Amazon.

Lightspeed Productions shot a guided tour for the Civil War Museum of Bardstwon, Ky. It is sold in gift shops and schools and seeks to educate the viewers on the battles of the Civil War through artifacts at the museum. This video was shown on the museum's website.

Headliners Dance Competition Nationals highlight 2011
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