See Examples of our Spec FX We combine Photo Entertainment with a powerful marketing message. Our photos literally put your marketing target into a branded image that will be displayed in offices and homes for years. Our custom made backgrounds can put the participant in the Wild West, on the surface of the moon or with your product. This experience will be remembered for years after your trade show, convention or marketing event.

Corporate Events

View photos from our corporate event gallery.

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Information about Lightspeed and the services we offer, and samples of our award winning video.


360 Degree Photos

Here are a few 360 degree product photos shot for various corporate clients.

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Special Effects Photos

Special effects photos from corporate parties

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Architecture & Real Estate

LightSpeed can showcase your real estate or architecture for your publication or website with amazing photography.

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Products & Table-Top

A gallery of products shot for e-commerce, publications, or advertising.

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Editorial-Style shots

A gallery of Editorial-Style shots for e-commerce, publications, or advertising.

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Marketing & the Web

Marketing images for publication, website, or promotion.

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Conventions & Trade Shows

We have produced 10,000+ photos onsite for the FFA convention, the largest ever held in Louisville, and served many others. Our custom special effects photos have been used at conventions and trade shows. We also provide documentary photo and video services for these events

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A gallery that shows photojournalism images we have captured throughout the years. Some poignant, some funny, these are the images that tell a story.

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Our Favorites

These are some of our favorite photos. They showcase our creative process.

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